Camp Easton July 30-Aug. 5, 2000

Eager (and clean) scouts pose for a departure picture at Capitol Hill School.

Marty (left), Karl (center) and Mike check out our Easton campsite.

Alan H. shows off a typical tent with no floor.

Alan P. and his buddies got a little creative.

Here's the dining hall (left) and handicraft area.

The troop gets in line for breakfast.

The cramped dining hall leaves little room to maneuver.

Jim works with son Dima during the Eagle Quest session.

Eric tries his luck in Lake Coeur D'Alene.

Stan shows off his monster catch.

Scoutmasters flex their muscles on the beach.

Collin, Matt and Alan P. travel the lake by sailboat.

Collin and Alan P. don their masks.

Katie, Stan and many from the troop hang out with George at campfire.

Kyle (far right) works on a merit badge in the Nature area.

New SPL Andy and Kyle take a breather.

Dima, (who's behind pole?) and Russell raise the flag after breakfast.

"Hollywood" Karl keeps troop in line at flag.

Scouts carry a camp sign to a new location on the highway.

Scouts get the sign repositioned.

Scouts salute the passing cars.

Joe and Marty boogie during the singalong.

Matt shows off his mystery bottle retrieved from the lake.

Nick gets a silver pine cone for his many badges.

Jack gets high fives after getting his BSA Lifeguard award.

Joe tosses the caber during troop games.

Kyle strokes back to camp after an across-the-lake canoe trip.

Hook me up with my gooey enchirito.

Kyle (left) beats on the drum during the firedance.

Will plays the bagpipes after campfire.

Mike (left), Morgan and Alex raise the flag.

Scoutmaster Karl wins a Silver Paddle Award.