Camp Meriwether

July 22-28, 2001

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Starting out from Capitol Hill School. Clean and awake.

The troop takes swim tests in a shrunken lake.
Scouts hang out in their adirondack.
Morgan, Ralph, Travis and Joe enjoy dinner.
Scouts begin dinner cleanup in tight quarters.
Scouts gather in the meadow before campfire.
A troop photo at sunset.
A staffer gets the crowd pumped at campfire.
Scouts circle the chairs at our own fire.
Dick gets descriptive.
Kyle, R.J. and Morgan attend Indian Lore class.
Kyle works on an Indian necklace.
Dani, Karl, Matt and Dick check rank advancement.
Karl, Jimmy and Marty harmonize.
The gang gobbles up grilled cheese sandwiches.
Spencer, Morgan and R.J. work on a merit badge in camp.
The troop gathers in front of dining hall.
Matt chows down on a s'more.
Jimmy works on gemp.
Every meal was shoulder to shoulder.
Kyle makes rope in Pioneering.
Morgan and R.J. swamp their canoe.
Alex and Spencer swamp theirs, too.
Our campsite.
Andy takes the lead in the Tuesday triathalon.
Troop members raise the flag.
Travis stretches on the climbing wall.
Andy reaches for a handhold.
Russell and Spencer hitch rides at campsite entrance.
Our Fearless Leader works on a walking stick.
Russell proves too powerful during skit rehearsal.
And then the real thing.
Stan takes a turn at black powder.
Nick and Mike head down the trail.
Joe and Matt mug for the camera.
Ketchup art.
Marty sneaks up on Bambi and friend.
Matt receives a special camp award.
The troop leaves for a night away from camp.
Troop members stand at attention at flag ceremony.
Karl takes aim during scoutmaster rifle shoot.

Photos by Stan Horton and Marty Zimmer