Deschutes rafting campout May 20-21, 2000

Travis jumps into the cold Deschutes.

This is the group site for the scouts, a BLM campsite on the bank of the Deschutes River near the small town of Maupin. That's a train trestle in the background.
The adults congregate around the picnic table on the opposite side of the campsite parking lot.
Scouts watch the fishermen try their luck for huge salmon from the edge of the gorge cut by Sherar Falls.
Stan and Kyle stand in from of the thunderous Sherar Falls. That's a fish ladder on the right.
Some scouts and adults pose near the falls.
Kyle listens as the head guide gives directions in the raft.
Opposing rafts prepare for a splash battle.
The rapids look mighty big from the front of the raft.
Kyle talks with Jimmy during the lunch break at CJ Lodge. The narrow 1920s bridge (background) over the Deschutes connects Upper Maupin with Lower Maupin (yes, that's how the locals refer to the town of 400).
Chilly Willy shows off his muscles.
Let's go surfin' now . . .
It's a good thing the rafts are self-baleable!
A guide aligns the rafts on the trailer for the trip home.
The fearless sailors gather at the end of the ride.

These pictures brought to you by Stan, alias "Rafter Dude"